Guided Nutrition with Michael Bronte…It’s easier than you think!

Maybe you feel like your body isn’t as strong as it used to be or that it just doesn’t look as good as you know it could.

The main reason you feel that you can’t be your ideal self all comes down to TIME.

You don’t have enough of it.

This isn’t a life sentence you need to serve.
You deserve to look and feel your best!

You can learn how to take control of your food and fitness without being shackled to the gym or relying on shaky social media encouragement. You’ll learn skills that will last long after your weight loss or muscle building is complete: Recognition skills, visualization, prioritization, self-assurance, the true power of CHOICE—skills that help us all live happier, healthier lives even when we don’t have a goal like losing weight or muscle building in mind.


To achieve that ideal healthy body you seek, it is essential to focus on developing effective ‘Mind Priority Management’ and healthy habits rather than solely on food.

Your body wants to work with you! When the mind and body are in sync, you’ll be amazed how powerful this will work. “You are what you think!”

I am here to help you with just that.

Gone are the days of…

  • Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Restrictive Plans
  • Lack of consistency
  • No guidance or accountability
  • Food Guilt
  • Frustration
  • Lack of motivation and ultimately, results!

Say hello to…

  • A 100% guided process that’s built to last
  • Priority principles that work in any environment and skill level
  • An abundance of new energy
  • Uncovering your ideal body
  • Eating your favorite foods
  • Newfound confidence
  • …and so much more!

A Note From Michael

I used to think that everyone was just like me, looking to plan for themselves when it came to maximizing their capabilities and achieving optimal health. But the truth is, most people want those things but just don’t know where to start or give up too easily if they don’t see immediate results.

“If you have come this far, maybe you’re willing to go the rest of the way”

My Process


We’ll discuss current and past nutrition, lifestyle and immediate goals during my 60 Minute Jumpstart Session. What you like, what you love!

Your Personal Program

I will hand craft a specialized plan for you that includes a Guided Food Plan, Guided Skills Plan, and signature Priority Choice system.


Your goals may be similar to someone else, but your specific life, tastes, strengths and weaknesses are unique TO YOU. 



My system is designed for you to tap into the skills and actions already within you.
I GUARANTEE what I offer you will work. Period.
I don’t offer magic, just practical, proven, and data-driven skills. Your success however is critical to us working as a TEAM. I’m giving 100% of my knowledge and efforts to your success and goals.

I’m relying on your realistic commitment to your success no matter where we begin from.You’re more prepared than you think, and the sooner we start, the faster you’ll make progress. Let’s play the short and long game together. Give me 8 weeks of 100% commitment and honest efforts. I’ll give you a lifelong package of rewards.

It works, here’s some proof!

“Michael Bronte’s knowledge of food and it’s effects on the body goes deeper than most Doctors and Nutritionists. He has been utilizing his techniques for over 30 years, and he clearly looks younger than he really is. Whatever he’s doing is working!

Before working with Michael my Daughter and I lived off of processed fast food. I even thought I was making healthy choices for us.

Not all Nutritionists are the same, some will tell you what to eat, he’ll tell you WHY. Michael taught us many things but two of the most important are; why self care should be a top priority ( that was the hardest for me ) secondly, how to use food to heal ailments that were plaguing us. I thought I had IBS and Gluten intolerance. My joints hurt, and both my Daughter and I suffered from acne. Turns out I was not Gluten intolerant, our skin and joints were inflamed from eating poor quality foods at the worst times.

I owe such gratitude to Michael for changing my life, and my Daughter’s life. I FEEL so much better, along with looking better. He taught my young Daughter how to navigate the food world early. She’s way ahead of the game, now off to College knowing how to prepare her food ahead of time, and has avoided the ‘Freshman 15’. We can’t thank Michael enough for changing our lives forever!

Best investment I ever made for me and my Daughter”

Brenda 50, from Marietta


One-Time Consultation

60 minutes
No commitments


8 Week Guided Nutrition

60 minutes each
Renews at $180/mo